As. your. preferred. shoe .supplier of top
NAME .BRAND .diabetic. footwear, ..we
will .save. you. money. on .every. pair of
shoes .you. dispense, and save you and
your .staff ..more. .time .and. money .by
providing .you. with. the. newest .digital
foot scanning technology for precise foot

Pro Medical East Announces a NEW
Podiatry Practice Diabetic Shoe Program
FREE Digital Foot Scanner

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Pro Medical East offers a full line of durable medical equipment. Anything you or a loved one may need to help overcome the health challenges we sometimes face. We are diabetes specialists. If you have diabetes, high blood sugar, diabetes Type 1, diabetes type 2, and need home test diabetes, glucometer to test your blood sugar level, lancets for diabetes, we can provide all the best top of the line meters and supplies from all the major manufacturers.Embrace, One Touch, FORA, Accu-Check Accu Check, FreeStyle Free Style. If you have a mobility challenge, we can provide wheelchair power wheelchair, mobility electric scooter, power operated vehicle, rollator, walker, cane. If you have back pain, or back pains, look at our trans coutaneous electrical stimulators, tens, electrodes. What is TENS? a safe way to relieve back pain. We supply a full line of braces, orthopedic brace for back pains, carpal tunnel symptoms, elbow brace, knee stabilizer, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, these braces can often relieve pain instantly. Ankle splint for ankle pain Leg pain, knee pain, foot pain, these symptoms can often lead to back pain. Knee wrap can often help. Do you need urological supplies? Catheter, urinary catheter, catheter coudet. And we also supply hospital bed, c-pap, cpap machines, cpap supplies, and cpap mask.
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